Gov-Smart: Pioneering Governance as a result of effective collaboration between EU NGI and ASU

Gov-Smart, a pioneering startup born out of collaboration between European Commission's Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative and  Arizona State University (ASU), is setting the global benchmark in digital public administration. The NGI Enrichers program facilitated Alexandru Panait's six-month stay at ASU to work with Professor Dragan Bosgovic and Blockchain Lab at AIDA Center on developing technology enablers and solutions for decentralized public administration and trustless democracies.


Typically recognized for its global investments, the United States has turned a new leaf with ASU's innovative approach in collaborating with European initiatives for domestic advancements. Through the European Commission's Next Generation Internet initiative, Blockchain Research Lab fostered significant technological and business innovations locally. This strategic move underscores ASU’s capability to attract international collaboration and demonstrates its commitment to enhancing local governmental technologies. By engaging with European partners, ASU has set a precedent for international cooperation, enriching the American innovation landscape and ensuring that advancements in public administration technology benefit not just Europe but also communities across the United States.


Leveraging the insights gained from these exploratory projects, Gov-Smart was conceived to serve as the first comprehensive Governance as a Service system. This system is designed to enhance the efficiency of public authorities worldwide by automating all procedures through Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The distinctiveness of Gov-Smart lies in its proprietary blockchain, accessible at Gov-Smart Blockchain, which ensures the immutability of all legal documents generated on the platform.


Thanks to its innovative approach and proven effectiveness, Gov-Smart secured an additional $200,000 from NGI Saragasso to expand its services into digital identities and electronic signatures. This marks a significant advancement towards creating a next-generation, human-centric internet.


Gov-Smart is a beacon of technological integration, blending Blockchain, AI, RPA, Big Data, and IoT into a unified product. This unique amalgamation empowers the system to handle complex data and process automation, making public services more accessible and efficient.


A testament to its efficacy, Gov-Smart has successfully digitalized and standardized the interactions between citizens and public institutions across all 24 cities in the Greater Phoenix area. The platform currently works as a proxy between citizens and public administrations. The smart document filled by the citizen is sent via email to the public administration. However, with official collaborations, Gov-Smart enables those cities to issue permits and institutional responses within seconds, thanks to its robust RPA system.