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Welcome to the Center for AI and Data Analytics (AIDA) for Business and Society

Shaping a Sustainable and Desirable Future with Mindful AI



Our vision

We are here to ensure AI betters our lives, society, and the world; including Arizona, which is why AIDA also stands for AID-Arizona!

Our approach

We are dedicated to advancing AI and data analytics with a mindful approach.

Our goals encompass pioneering research for ethical and socially responsible practices, educating leaders and the workforce with a focused AI and data analytics mindset, crafting innovative solutions for real-world challenges, and proactively preparing for the evolving landscape of AI and advanced data analytics tools.


We are committed to advancing the ASU charter and WPC Vision & Mission by:






Balancing innovation with responsibility: Mindful AI in practice

At every stage, we prioritize mindfulness in AI and data analytics development. This includes assessing broader impacts on users, organizations, society, and humanity. We are committed to addressing ethical, privacy, and security concerns throughout the life cycle, ensuring responsible deployment of these transformative technologies.






Our team

Our center is home to a team of world-class experts dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge in the realm of AI and data analytics. Our affiliated research faculty members are prolific contributors to top-tier academic journals and practitioner publications. Led by co-directors Pei-yu (Sharon) Chen and Olivia Liu Sheng, and Associate Director Joseph Cazier, our leadership boasts a wealth of experience in the field spanning decades - learn more about who we are:


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